Pu erh Tea For Weight Loss

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What are the Health Benefits of Pu erh Tea?

Health Benefits Pu erh Tea

Pu erh tea cake 375g (13.2oz) cake

Should you use pu erh tea for weight loss? Does it really help with fat burning and slimming? These are the million dollar questions – whether it’s being asked about pu erh tea or any other tea or product. Everyone is looking for the miracle cure, the silver bullet, the “yes, this is it!” And I think the main reason is that most of us want an easy, “pop a pill” solution that doesn’t cost anything in time, money or in changing of lifestyle habits and daily activities such as diet, exercise and sleep. Note: Don’t worry, this is not going to turn into a major rant on improving your lifestyle and bad habits. But hey let’s face it, obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and other issues associated with being overweight are all major problem in today’s Western society. It is a lifestyle problem that usually takes years to develop and most likely cannot be cured, or gotten rid of by any quick fix product.

Pu erh Tea Health Benefits – So where’s the scientific proof?

The fact is, as of 2016 there is no conclusive scientific proof that pu erh tea (sometime written as pur erh tea, puer tea or pu-erh tea) does make you lose weight – at least I haven’t found any and I would appreciate it if anyone can provide me with some clear cut scientific proof. But there have been many tests and much research done over the years, and continues to be done, and through this there are pretty good indications that regularly drinking pu erh tea can indeed help to promote weight loss. For example Wikipedia notes the following “Scientific studies report that consumption of pu-erh tea leaves significantly suppressed the expression of fatty acid synthase (FAS) in the livers of rats; gains in body weight, levels of triacylglycerol, and total cholesterol were also suppressed.[38][39] The compositions of chemical components found to have been responsible for these effects (catechinscaffeine, and theanine) varied dramatically between pu-erh, black, oolong, and green teas.[38] Specific mechanisms through which chemicals in pu-erh tea inhibit the biosynthesis of cholesterol in the laboratory have been suggested, such as polyphenols.[40] Small amounts of the cholesterol-reducing drug lovastatin have been measured in ripe tea samples.[41]

However it concludes the article by saying “Pu erh tea is widely sold, by itself or in blends, with unsubstantiated claims that it promotes loss of body weight in humans.

For your reference here are some links to some research and studies that have been done on tea and specifically pu erh tea:






Any other proof?

So where do we look for proof? Well I like to look to things like the results in other people’s lives, the results in my personal experience, the overwhelming compelling evidence out there and sometimes just plain common sense like seeing the obvious and feeling good about it. It doesn’t always need to come from a science laboratory to be right.

It feels right!

For example, enjoying a nice cup of pu erh tea after a heavy meal of oily foods just feel good and feels like I am being kind to my body. Or waking up after a big night out and getting started next morning with a nice cup of pu erh tea or GABA oolong tea feels like I getting started on the right track. And making a choice to bring out some great tasting Oriental Beauty Oolong tea to share with friends who visit – instead of a soda or other unhealthy drink choice, makes for a healthier conversation as well as body metabolism.

Just try it!

Usually my best advice to anyone asking about health benefits of pu erh tea – or any tea, is to give it a try. But a part of “giving it try”  is also to be nice to yourself and find some good tasting tea and learn how to brew it properly so you can enjoy the experience. Nowadays there are a lot of specialty tea shops around that sell good quality tea and you do not need to feel that you just need to drink tea because it is healthy – treating it more like an unpleasant medicine that you need to “take” rather than a great drink to enjoy.

Global Overweight comparison – East vs West

Slim Asian girl weighing herselfOver weight girls in the USI refer to Western society above  because obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and other issues associated with being overweight are much more prevalent there than in Asian societies. And this is one of the reasons why I believe tea – and in particular pu erh tea and green tea – does help with weight loss. Because Asians drink a lot more of it and are overall slimmer and normal in weight than the average Westerner. Now of course, it is not only about tea and diet plays a big part, and maybe even DNA. But the data is pretty convincing.

The map shows the percentage of each country's populations that is defined as obese, with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 30. Chart courtesy of Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2920219/How-fat-country-nations-highest-obesity-rates-new-maps-surprise-you.html

The map shows the percentage of each country’s populations that is defined as obese, with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 30. Chart courtesy of Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2920219/How-fat-country-nations-highest-obesity-rates-new-maps-surprise-you.html

Pu erh tea + eating well and exercising regularly will work wonders!

happy tea drinkersSo does pu erh help weight loss? It can definitely play a part! However, it’s obviously also about developing good lifestyle habits such as healthy eating and exercising. I believe that anyone who is currently overweight and sincerely commits to taking some steps to live a healthier lifestyle and also incorporates pu–erh tea in his or her “new lifestyle” program will see wonderful changes – not only in better health and weight loss, but in many other ways such as increased confidence, positivity and generally feeling better about themselves. How good is that!

Where to Buy Pu erh Tea

Click HERE for an article on where to buy pu erh tea. You can also check this article for Where and How is pu erh tea made?

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8 thoughts on “Pu erh Tea For Weight Loss

  1. Louis

    Hi Peter,

    Personally I do think Pu Erh tea can help a bit on losing weight. I’m a Chinese who have been staying in different countries in Asian over the past years. It’s a habit of a lot of the Chinese to drink different kinds of tea in daily life. But I think it’ll not help much if it doesn’t come with other habit on diet and exercise, or even weather factors. I stayed in Thailand before. I found Thai people are even more slimmer than Chinese in general, but they don’t drink Chinese tea. But I think it’s not bad to have a habit of drinking Pu Erh tea or other kinds of Chinese tea in our daily life as it’s still good to our health in certain extent.

    Thanks for your interesting sharing


  2. Yaki

    I’ve been drinking green tea quite regularly and I feel great. I feel that it helps after I eat oily and greasy foods as it prevents the fat from hardening . I’ve never tried pu erh tea nor heard of it but am interested in giving it a try. Thanks for educating me on it!

  3. Lesley Robertson-Laxton

    Thanks for a well written and balanced article without hype!! I am the owner of a tea company and constantly get asked what tea is “good for”. Tea is simply part of a balanced diet like fruit and vegetables. Enjoy the benefits of something that does not have sugar or chemicals!

    1. Peter Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Good to hear Pu erh Ta was helpful for you in losing weight. By the way feel free to let us know if tealand.ae is in need of wholesale teas from China, Taiwan Japan or India. We’ll be happy to supply from our wholesale distributor – Zi Chun Tea Company


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