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GABA Oolong tea is becoming an increasingly popular beverage in Western countries in recent years. It has been a common drink in Japan for a some time and now many people in the US, Canada, Australia and some European countries are becoming aware of  its unique health benefits as well as the pleasant and enjoyable beverage that is it. GABA Tea benefits differ from the health benefits associated with regular Oolong tea or other teas such as green teas, and black teas.

What makes Organic GABA Oolong tea unique is that while it retains all the antioxidants and other health properties of regular teas, it also has contains a significant amount of GABA.

What is GABA?

gaba scientificGABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) functions in our bodies as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. In simplistic terms its main role in the human body is in reducing excitability (such as fear and anxiety) throughout the nervous system and GABA is also
responsible for regulating some aspects of body muscle tone and HGH (human growth hormone).

If you are more scientifically minded there is a lot of research and information on GABA and GABA supplements available online such as Wikipedia and other sources.

GABA Supplements

It was discovered over 20 years ago that GABA could be supplemented in foods, food products and pharmaceuticals. The common thread for prescribing a GABA supplement is that it can calm and relax, help control mood swings, improve mental focus, clarity and balance and help a person feel more centered, in control and a general feeling of well-being – “in the zone” so to speak. Some GABA supplements are also promoted in the sports and fitness industries for supporting improved muscle tone as well as contributing towards better performance, endurance and recovery. If you are interested in purchasing a GABA supplement a good range can be found HERE

So How Did GABA Tea Come About and How is it Made?

GABA Oolong tea from plant to cup

Natural GABA content in loose leaf tea was discovered in the 1980s by Dr Trushida – a Japanese researcher at MAFF (Japanese National Research Institute of Tea). He and his team were conducting experiments on preserving various foods and they discovered, unexpectedly that by exposing fresh tea leaves to nitrogen during the “oxidation” process it significantly increases the levels of GABA. This happened without any change in the antioxidant content in the tea. It is made by a simple process of replacing  oxygen in the atmosphere chamber with nitrogen during the processing of the tea. The minimum amount of GABA needing to be present in GABA tea was outlined by the Japanese authorities as 150mg/100g of tea. The GABA Oolong tea we have available on our Amazon Tea Store  has at least 180-200mg. Both Oolong and black teas can be processed using this technology.

GABA Tea Production flow:

  • Fresh Organic tea leaf is put into a sealed barrel and the barrel vacuumed until all oxygen is removed.
  • The barrel is infused with nitrogen and kept in this condition for 6 – 10 hours (depending on various circumstance including weather conditions and the condition of the fresh tea leaf)
  • Tea leaves removed from the barrel and heated by pan frying to halt further “oxidation” of the leaves
  • Regular Oolng tea process of Rolling, Drying, Compressing
  • Further Rolling, Compressing and final Re-drying
  • Finished product – GABA Oolong Tea.

Scientific Proof?

Like many other studies and research done with tea, there is still a lot of inconclusive “hard fact” evidence out there on the proof of the health benefit of GABA tea – and all GABA supplements for that matter. As GABA is produced and functions primarily in the brain, it has not yet been proved categorically that a GABA supplement, taken orally can be transported through the bloodstream to the brain and there are some arguments that GABA cannot pass through the brain barrier from the blood. But, given the evidence of the positive effects and measured results I have read and heard about it seems there must be some getting through.

As far as GABA tea or a GABA supplement being effective in increasing HGH levels, this is not so much relative to GABA reaching the brain, as increased HGH levels are caused by the triggering of growth hormone releases and is more affected by the blood concentrations of GABA. In this way, an increase in GABA levels in the bloodstream via GABA tea or a GABA supplement could positively affect HGH secretion.


enjoying tea

Enjoying tea

I regularly drink GABA Oolong tea because it is a pleasant enjoyable drink. I know it is healthy and contains lots of antioxidants and health properties like all teas do. I also know it contains copious amount of GABA and, although I don’t necessarily feel any immediate “miracle” effect after drinking, I know it must make a positive difference in my health over time. One immediate effect I do notice, though is that I find it helpful to drink GABA tea the “morning after” a big night. It does tend to make me feel better and not so “hung over”.

Have you ever tried Organic GABA Oolong tea? Let me know your thought on it in the comments below. If you haven’t tried this tea you can purchase it from our our Amazon store. Links are below.

Aussies can buy our Organic GABA Oolong tea here: Robyn Lee Tea


4 thoughts on “GABA Tea Benefits – Organic GABA Tea

  1. Chris

    My partner studied out in Japan about a decade ago ( before I met her ) and she loves this stuff. She claims that this tea has calming properties and it has been found to have numerous health benefits including lowering high blood pressure. I have not tried it yet but I must be honest it sounds interesting from a health view

    1. Peter Post author

      Yes, your partner is right, Chris. The Japanese are the ones who initiated the research on GABA tea and experimenting with different ways of processing it with tea makers in Taiwan. They realized the many health benefits of GABA supplements and looked for natural ways of obtaining GABA. Thus GABA Oolong tea was created. It is not only very healthy, but it is also a great tasting and enjoyable drinking tea.

      We will have Organic GABA Tea available on our Amazon Store next week if you want to give it a try.

  2. Jeff

    Loved this post on GBA Tea. I heard about this product from a friend who drinks it regularly and she swears by it. Thank’s Peter, I will purchase some GBA tea today!
    Kindest regards,

    1. Peter Post author

      Thanks Jeff. Yes GABA Oolong is an awesome tea – tastes good and has a great health story associated with it. It has become one of our top selling teas. I hope you enjoy it. You can order it from our local Australian Online tea store HERE


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